My Son Jeff's Story of the Challenger

On April 15th, 2000, my nine-year-old son Jeff wrote his own account of the Challenger disaster.  What follows are his own words (with some minor proof-reading provided by myself):

tuesday morning on January 28, 1986 there was a
spaceship named
the challenger.  7 people were on the
challenger.  anyway
as they shot through the sky
some activity started
to happen at the right solid rocket booster
it was a cold night the night before
so in the morning
the o-ring that was
frozen was getting ready
to trick them so in
the morning they
were getting ready to
go to space but
some flames that were
under the booster
were getting ready
to blow up the
ship and
what was going to
happen happened
and the crew
cabin slammed
into the ocean
at 200 miles an
hour 14 years ago.

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