DivX Codec Instructions

In order to view the Challenger videos contained on the page whose link you have just chosen, you must first install the DivX ;-) MPEG4 Video Codec 3.20a release for Windows, which is available for download here.  (If you have previously downloaded and installed the DivX codec, please proceed to the video page using the link below.)  After you click on the preceding link to download DivX, depending upon your Web browser and its configuration, you will be prompted either to run the installation from across the Internet or to download the file to your computer before installing it (if you are given the second option, please remember the name of the folder on your hard drive to which you download it so that you may then find it and install it).  The installation process itself is rather foolproof and requires no restart of your computer.  Once you have successfully installed the codec, you may continue on to the video page that you had chosen before you were brought here.  For your convenience, I have placed a link to my DivX-encoded Challenger video page below (please note that some of the video downloads are quite large and may take some time to complete):

Early in the Morning Sunlight:
What I See and Hear in the Kansas Song "Icarus - Borne on Wings of Steel"

For those using Apple QuickTime on your computers, please make sure that your default AVI player is set to Microsoft's Windows Media Player; Quicktime does not as yet work with DivX.

For those rightly concerned about the security issues involved in downloading executable files from the Internet, I have scanned the DivX codec file that I have made available for download using Norton AntiVirus 2002 Version 8.00.58 (virus definitions dated January 16, 2002) to confirm that it is free of any viral infection.  Of course, I won't be offended if you should choose to scan it again yourself with your own anti-virus software once you have downloaded it.

If you should encounter any difficulty with the downloading of this codec or the viewing of these videos, please contact me at dataman @ datamanos2.com and I will be glad to help you resolve the problem.

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